Batch Sales Invoices via email in NAV 09?

Hi all,

Ive only been using NAV for 2 months now so please excuse the lack of knowledge of the system.

My company plan on implementing e-invoicing/ invoicing via email in the near future and i have been given the task on finding out what is what!

So for hours on end I have searched the internet for answers and am stumped :frowning:

What we would like to do is when we are ready to turn the orders into invoices how do we go about sending them to the email address on the certain customer cards without having to pdf that certain invoice and do it that way one by one…

In a perfect world we would like to be able to send multiple invoices to multiple customers at the press of a button [:)]

We are currently using NAV 2009 R2.

Many thanks to the people who can shed some light on this so i can get my head around it!


You need to purchase a third party software ‘ZETADOCS and ZETAFAX’ We currently are using the same version and we love the automation of sending the invoices and many other documents this way. The software allows you to either send via email or fax automatically.