Batch process Replan Production orders

I can replan a specific Production Order in order to free capacity through the function in the Order itself. However, I would like to replan in batch, after I have (partially) finished routing lines in different PO’s. The (Dutch) help text declares that a Batch process exists, but I cannot find it. Report 99001026 doesn’t seem to do the trick, it only works from within a PO. Anyone an idea?

Hi Michiel The “help” may imply the functionality exists, but it does not as standard. This maybe because it was meant too but they could not get it to work, so removed the functionality but failed to alter the help file. Report 99001026 is certainly the function - I presume you have designed it and added the filterfield “No” into the report that will then enable you to plan a range, or all, and it still does not work?

Hi Steven, Correct. I modified the report a little, added ‘Status’ and ‘No.’ as required filter field, but when I put a filter on status ‘Released’ and next do a lookup in ‘No.’ the only result is a simulated PO (which we don’t use normally). Apparently the report dynamically puts a filter when it is run. If I would know which code is responsible for this behaviour I think it could work…

Hi Michiel Looks like a post for the developers from this point on then! [:D]