Batch Process in AX4.0

I added my class in a batch process to be scheduled every day.

When I select the parameters I can’t see the query selection button and so it is no possible add any filter

Could someone help me?

Is there a late selection check box?

if run interactivily yes, not if added in the batch processing and pressed button Parameters, this is the issue…

So you have designed your own class to run as a batch but it does not have standard functionality?

Sorry AdamRoue, I don’t understand your question. Let me resume:

  • my class extends runbasebatch

  • when run by menuitem , no problem the Selection button is available and I can filter and use queryrun without problem

  • when defined as batch process (basic module) if I select parameters the selection button is not available and I dont understand why. You said before “Is there a late selection?”; my answer is yes, because I run the query from menu item several times. How does the queries work in a batch process? I need to select the query at least one time before calling from batch process?

Thx for your help