Batch printing

Just a question for general batched print jobs. If the batch job is set to print records at a certain status. If the status does not change on a record that had already been included in a print batch job, will AX reprint the same record? or does it know that it already printed that record?

If a batch is asked to print records satisfying some criteria, it will do that. For example, if you ask it to print order A1, it will print order A1 every run, regardless that the order is still the same. If it didn’t, it would do something else it was asked to do.

That’s the behavior expected in most cases.

Of course, it’s possible to implement a batch that will remember (= save to database) information about which records were already printed. It usually doesn’t make sense, nevertheless you can observe similar behavior in batches that print reports just as one of things during a status progression. For example, a batch posting orders looks for open orders and printing an invoice is just a part invoicing process. At the end of the process, the order is not open anymore and won’t be picked up by the next run of the batch.

Thank you for the response.

I do agree that it would normally not make sense. In my circumstance we are trying to decide whether to automatically activate shipments through reservations. We would then want a print batch job to just print all activated shipment’s pick lists so that it did not have to be done manually. However, we obviously do not want the same pick list printed multiple times. In our case, you are correct, the shipment should have a different status by the time the batch is run again, but if for some reason a shipment’s status had not progressed, we would like to protect from re-printing the same pick list.

In pick list registration form, how would the print pick list batch job need to be set up in order to ensure that there weren’t any duplicate pick lists printed?