Batch Posting & the Posting No. field

We recently “inherited” a client running US2.00 from another solution center and I’m pulling hair out. Does anyone have any experiences where a batch post runs - messages that 10 out of 10 invoices were posted - but one or more were actually skipped - and the kicker: the “Posting No.” field is not cleared on the unposted invoices, so that they cannot be retried. The previous center modified CU80 to test a couple fields and EXIT if criteria not matched. These tests are before the code that is supposed to set the “Posting No.” field to the next invoice number, and there are no other mods. I have had the client fax me the orders being posted, and I have recreated them in our test system and posted WITHOUT being able to duplicate the error. My copy of their database is 2 weeks old and there have been no interim modifications. If the “Posting No.” is cleared, and the order posted by itself, it sails through. Any ideas? Procedural activities the client might be performing that I am not hearing about? Thanks for any thoughts, Rick Rick Acton High-Tech Co Edited by - goofyfish on 2002 Jan 24 20:14:31