Batch posting subledger journal entries

Hi ,

In AX 2012 , there is new funcitonality has been introduced when we post any document like PO / SO , system holds the entries in the Sub ledger and through batch periodically it will post to main ledger ( General ledger - Paremeter - Batch transfer rules ) when we run the batch job then system would posting from sub ledger journal entries to main ledger.

a) where is that batch job availble in 2012 to transfer the entries to main ledger ?

b) Is there any default report available to reconcile the sub ledger balances to main ledger balances in AX 2012 ?

The subsiduary ledger posting is optional, you do not have to use it.

GL - Periodic - Batch Transfer for SubLedger Journals.

Use the Inquiry on subledger journals in GL to see them.