Batch post purchase invoice

In the purchase invoice, if the status = released then you run the batch post and mark the “replace posting date” option, the batch job is not going to go through, unless “replace posting date” is untick. What is the logic behind this? Any trick that can let the batch job go through?[:)]

Hi Charlotte Generally the batch post fails if one of the invoices in the batch has a problem. I would suggest - assuming the batch does not contain 100’s, that you try to individually post each order, my guess would be that a posting group combination has not been defined with a purchasing account. If you post them individually you will get an error message on the problematic invoice, whereas the batch post simply fails to post the orders and you are not told why. I am running 3.60 and have no issues batch posting from purchases and replacing the posting date. [:D]

the probelem is the posting will go through if the “replace posting date” is untick. This is very strange, not sure what are the reasons behind…[?] But we really need the “replace posting date” function, and it is very time consuming if we would ask the user to change the date and post them one by one. The user is going to hate us…[B)]

Hi Charlotte What version are you running, because this works fine for me [:D]