batch order scheduling

The route of a product is as follows :
Opn 10 Primary run time is 2 Hrs for 100 kg

Opn 20 Primary run time is 1 Hrs for 1000kg

Opn 30 Primary run time is 23.5 Hrs for 100 Kg

Here the actual production run time is operation 10 & 20 i.e 2+1=3Hrs. The third operation is actual not an operation but line made to map the variable energy cost of the production.

Now when we schedule the order we get the manufacturing time (difference between start & finish time)of 26.5 Hrs .

I dont want to set the third operation as “secondary” .

Still is there any way that operation 30 is not included in scheduling (i.e the lead time shall be onbly 2+1=3 & not 26.5)& capacity planning?

IF I untick all ticks in the setup tab of the route group of operation 30 then this can be achived …but this solution is npt accepted as with this setting the route for the operation 30 is not posted.

just to amend the last update operation 20 is also has quatity = 100 & not 1000

There is no way to not schedule operation 30. Why are you not including operation 30 as a cost in the costing sheet or as a cost category on the quanitty of the final operation? You have said this is a cost element and not an actual operation, so use the correct elements to reflect this.