Batch Order SchedStart date always rolls foward


We just started getting an interesting error when whenever we make a WO on any sunday, the Start Date (schedStart) rolls forward to the next day. This happens on every sunday we use. Historically, we have been able to schedule on a Sunday so someone checked a box somewhere. I have investigated code briefly and couldn’t find a smoking gun. Is there some calender or schedule setting somewhere that can dictate to roll forward WO dates on days that AX is told we don’t work?

We use Batch Orders and have the process manufacturing module. We also have the HR module but it currently isn’t being used in production.

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Nathan C.

Basic > common forms > calendar. Choose the calendar used by the Work Center and choose Working times. Change the day to Open and indicate the schedule for that day.

Our issue was that the day(s) in question were closed. When you set their status to open, you will have to add the calender record manually at the bottom of the screen. To get by we opened up this Sunday while we figure out how this happened.

You have a compose working times, and from here you can use a template, this can be set with all days open, so you can mass update for the next “X” years, no need to add a record manually at the bottom of the screen.