Batch order and backflushing principle of BOM/Formula components

Hello all,

I have a question regarding the Batch order functionality (process manufacturing) in relation to the backflushing principle of BOM/Formula components.

I created a simple Batch order by using a PlanningItem. The PlanningItem consists of:

  • 2 Co-products as end products and
  • 2 Raw materials in the BOM.

I am trying to report the batchorder as finished and set the Automatic BOM consumption parameter to ‘Always’ for each of the Co-product lines in the Report as Finished screen.

According to the technet documentation it should be possible to set the Automatic BOM consumption parameter to ‘Always’ when reporting products as finished in the Batch order: But in my case no pickinglist journal is created and therefore no bachflushing is performed.

So my question is: is it or isn’t it possible to use the BOM backflushing principle in combination with Batchorders and PlanningItems?

Thanks in advance,