Batch no wise quality order generation

Hi All, I have a requirement while purchasing for an item batch no wise quality order to be generated by ax. Is this possible? I tried for an item before posting packing slip did registered for 2 batch no and posted packing slip it has created quality order but one order with out batch no!!! Expecting replies from experts, since need to decide on customizing. Srini

In AX 2012 you can setup quality order per dimension in item sampling by selecting the relevant dimension, which is not possible in AX 2009.

Hi Kranti,

Thanks for your reply!!!

It is possible to replicate that particular functionality from ax 2012 to ax 2009.



I think its not possible in 2009. may need some customization.

Correct me if I’m wrong.


Not sure whether the AX 2009 design support this, which needs to be investigated…