Batch Name for Sales Journal

I had a problem as below : I create a batch name for Sales Journal ( assume that the bacth name are SLS JNL1 ) and I assign that batch name to my No. Series - in No. Series Table ( assume that the no. series are begin at SLS JNL100001 ) Then, I make a journal in this Sales Journal to input the invoice transaction ( Document Type = Invoice and Account Type = Customer Card or G/L Account ) The problem is when I posted that transaction, then my batch name will be disappear from the General Journal Batches table That’s mean every time when I posted the transaction from this Sales Journal, I must create the Sales Journal batch name again to appear the batch name which are missed Any solution for this problem please ? What’s wrong with my Sales Journal Batch Name ? Thanks for the help Best Regards, Agatha

When having a numeric value as the last part of your batch name, Navision automatically increases this number after posting. So if your batch is named: NAVI1 then when you post it will be NAVI2 and so on. If you want a fixed batch name, use naming like this: 1_NAVI or similar. Soren Nielsen, moderator Integration/Developer NOLUG

Navision will increase even 1_NAVI. The batch number after posting going to be 2_NAVI. You should use batch names without numbers. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.