Batch, location Inquiry

Hi All,

Recent face an argument on AX batch and location for PO line and SO line.

Purchaser/Sales Team create PO/SO line without select batch and location.

Warehouse team assign the batch and location need to receive/store item through picking/registration.

Now, there is PO return / SO return, how to know which batch or location should receive or issue from since standard AX dint update the batch and location in PO/SO line during posting?

Any hint?


Look into the Inventory Transactions…

thks. But, when create a PO return or Return Order (RMA), which batch or location need return to from origin PO/SO, if there are multiple GRN/shipment?

example: PO A, Item a, QTY=10.

Packing Slip 1, QTY=6 with PS-000001, Batch: 10, location: A1

Packing Slip 2, QTY=4 with PS-000002, Batch:11, location: A1.

PO A, return QTY= 5. What is AX behavior for batch and location drop to?


The obvious question is which 5 are you sending back. You look at them and then YOU tell AX. There is no automatic picking here, if you send them back, you tell AX the details of what you are sending back - why would it guess? You can run through the stock pick option, but only if you have mixed info.

Hi Thks.

Yes, Marking, Reservation, pick can help for PO return (At least). Make sense user need decide which batch, location need selected.

Can help advice for Sales Return (return order)? Any marking feature can use to mark which sales invoice is return to before post the return packing slip?

If you use the copy functionality from the original order I think this will populate the lines.


The copy function will copy the LOTID of origin sales order. It dint popular any info of sales invoice for user to select.

Any hint?


If you use the get sales order function it should bring in everything from the sales line. If the batch is registered it will not, but then to be honest I have not met anyone that records it at the customer sales request, because it causes issues, the business details it on the item arrival when it comes back.