Batch Jobs

We’re trying to create a batch job that will run several RDP reports back to back using System Admin\Inquiries\Batch Jobs. I’ve found tutorials on how to set up the jobs, but nothing on how to create the runbasebatch class for each report. Can anyone point me to a walk through on how to convert a standard RDP/Contract/Controller based SSRS report so it can be run as batch job. Thanks.

You should see the Batch tab in report dialog by default. The process is documented in Print a report on a recurring basis [AX 2012].

If it doesn’t apply to your scenario, please give us more details.

We are trying to create one batch job that will run a series of different report (daisy chain), which is set up by going to batch jobs, creating a new job and then selecting the ‘View Tasks’ menu item. I was able to create a runbasebatch class so it shows up in the available list for ‘Class Name’, but I’m still having issues getting parameters to show when ‘Parameters’ menu item is selected as well as getting it to execute without error. I haven’t found anything that really goes into detail on creating the required runbasebatch class for each report I’d like to run.

I don’t know if that helps?

You don’t have to create a new batch class, I’m saying that reports can be run in batch by default. If you try that, you’ll see that the class is SrsReportRunController and it directly extends SysOperationController.

I would try a code like this (not tested):

SrsReportRunController controller  = new SrsReportRunController();
controller.parmArgs(new Args());
//You can manipulate print settings

I created the runbasebatch that executes the controller…basically what you did, but when I create the batch job under System Admin\Inquiries\batch jobs\batch jobs…I select my job…select View Tasks…and then Parameters…I don’t see my report parameters from my contract class, only OK and Cancel.

Don’t use RunBaseBatch framework at all, use the SysOperation framework, which is what the report controller is already based on and you don’t have to develop anything.