Batch job issue


In AX2009, I have multiple batch job running on the server but it actually run only once and it they stay in the status Executing, instead of going to End or Waiting.

It seems that the batch is updated only once by the system and that’s it!

Is somebody has an idea?

Have you specified the recurrence?

What about the task details? Is there any log information?


recurrence is 10 min with no end date. There is no log information, task detail showing status as ‘ended’.

Run it once - how long does it take? If it is longer than 10 minutes you would have a forever starting and never ending batch I presume.


What is forever starting and never ending batch? even though its in executing state, its not executing the class.

Remove the recurrence, run it once, check it runs once. Start at what we do not yet know.

Have you tried with debugging the batch job?