Batch job (Batch tasks, error message)

Hi guys,

I got these below error message every time a new batch job is created on the batch tasks.

-Function SalesQuantity::construct has been used incorrectly.

-Cannot load class SalesFormLetter_ShippingBill_IN

-Function PurchQuantity::construct has been used incorrectly.

-Cannot load class PurchFormLetter_BillOfEntry_IN

Any idea whats wrong with the class or function?

Has anyone encounter these messages when a new batch task is created?

Thanks for your help in advance.

So what actually you are adding to the batch?

Im just adding class into the batch task. and that error prompted out.

Which class? Please elaborate…

No matter which class I assign on the batch task. It will still prompt the message.

example customize class (CreateSalesOrder)

The construct() method fails if it’s called with an invalid DocumentStatus value. We can’t tell you why your code uses a wrong value - debug the code to see what the value is and where it comes from.