Batch Invoice Posting in AX 2009

We are on AX 2009 and we set up the invoice batching with the same parameters every day and leave the invoice date in the Setup tab blank, we use quantity: packing slip, posting, late selection and print invoice are checked, we hit the select button, then the batch button to set the job to run in batch at 8 pm. Every once in a while, and Friday is the most recent example, the batch posts the invoices with yesterday’s date, we created the job on 8/2 set it up that same way we do every day, but it posted all the invoices with a date of 8/1. Is there a problem with the batch invoice posting process?

Thank you,


Hi Melissa

I’ve got the same issue. Have you already resolve it?

Many thanks


Hi Peter,

The only way we were able to resolve this was to have some one in Accounting create the invoice batch each day using the late selection option.


What you are describing seems to be the error solved by the patch in KB960468. This hotfix should solve your issue.