Batch expiry dates

When creating sales orders in AX2009, the system fails to select all the stock against a batch that expires first, then move onto the next batch number. Instead it selects stock across the warehouse for loading with no regard to expiry date, even though it is setup to be controlled by expiry date?

What setting have you set to pick it by expiry date?

As my knowledge goes this option is available only in Process Manufacturing developed by fullscope.

where you can have an option of FEFO(First Expiry First Out) and Pick Criteria based on it.

@ Adam : Am I correct ?

Correct. FEFO is the option selected, however, I find that when taking it through the outbound process, it picks stock irrespective of batch expiry dates?

When it picks to expiry date and creates the refill order to the pick location, the below happens:

When an order is loaded for full pallets, it will pick based on expiry date from the bulk locations, but ignore the stock sitting in the picking area? I suspect some setting is incorrect but cannot seem to find it!

Can you confirm which process modules you have installed and where you are setting the FEFO option?

I am however pretty sure that this is not at WMSII level even in Process, but I am not sure. Kranthi you are correct, FEFO is not standard AX, available in FullScopes Process.

This is from the Process Documentation:

First expired, first out (FEFO) does not work with what was previously known as Warehouse Management 2. Use Consolidated Picking Method is not a feature compatible with FEFO.

In all instances it states if you need FEFO and WMSII contact your partner.


Thanks for the feedback - appreciated. Got FEFO picking to work by both expiry date and best before date. One problem though - when setting batch numbers to disposition ‘unavailable’, the batch is not selected during the picking process when set to FEFO and works perfectly. It ‘skips’ the batch made unavailable when picking and pallet transport is activated. However, when setting is changed to FIFO and the item batch disposition is set to unavailable, it still allows picking and processing up to an including loading stage and changing the status to send. Only when raising the packing list, does the return message indicate that the batch number is unavailable.

How can it be set to ‘skip’ unavailable (disposition status) batches in FIFO so that it prevents the process from being completed before blocking? All block ticks are selected on the actual disposition status code.