Batch Creation - Production Control Module

I am currently attempting to setup a new batch order using the production control module in AX 2012. I have setup a new item which has a formula and route assigned to it. The new product is also approved in the work flow.

When I start to create the new batch using the new item ive set up I get this error ‘item (item id) inventory is blocked on site.’

This error appears when I try to enter the warehouse location.

Any help on how to solve this would be great as it has had me going round in circles :frowning:

On the item record in the site specific order settings it must be stopped in the inventory module (not even sure if this is a standard field but I am not in front of the software currently).

I have gone into the site specific order settings but cant see an inventory module. I can see a stock tab.

Please see the attached screen shot, these are the options open to me. On each of the tabs, the ‘Stopped’ button is ticked, but greyed out so not allowing me to do anything with it.

Stock is the UK derivation of Inventory when your users language is EN-GB. Look on the Stock tab. Failing that go to the default order settings. However nothing in standard would prevent this apart from that flag, are you sure this is not a customization?