Batch Class still generating old outcome after the compilation

Hi all,

Sorry I am straight to the point, recently i made a mistake in a class that has a extends RunBaseBatch. I had passing the blank accountNum parameter in the run method which result in inserting blank accountNum to my customized table. After I realized it, i made a correction (by deleting my CUS layer code, the original code is in var, vap layer which is working) & compiled both the RunBaseBatch class & my class. But the batch job is still inserting the unnecessary blank accountNum records in my table. Please help as it is the live server. We have not restarting the server or services. How can i solve my error in this situation?

Thank you for the help in advance.

public void run()



VendorInvoiceValidation_SAInter vendorInvoiceValidation_SAInter;

VendExpCostTableSA vendExpCostTableSA;

SysOperationProgress p;

VendTrans vendTrans;

VendTable vendTable;

// 2012/12/3

AccountNum accountNum = vendTable.SecondaryValidationAccount ? vendTable.SecondaryValidationAccount : vendTrans.AccountNum; //error happen here

Query _query;

QueryRun _queryRun;

QueryBuildRange rangeApproved;

QueryBuildRange rangeVendAccount;

QueryBuildRange rangeCurrencyCode;

QueryBuildRange rangeDimension;

QueryBuildRange rangeAmountCur;

QueryBuildDataSource qbr1, qbr2, qbr3;

str s;

int i, totNumOfInv, numOfValid, numOfReadFromSAforOneInv;

TimeInMS dt1, dt2;


while (


vendTrans = _queryRun.get(tableNum(VendTrans));

vendTable = VendTable::find(vendTrans.AccountNum);


vendTrans.CurrencyCode, vendTrans.Dimension, vendTrans.DocumentDate); //actual error happen here

//& I restored the code to below

PreValidationCountryRegion::insertZeroExpCostRec(vendTable.SecondaryValidationAccount ? vendTable.SecondaryValidationAccount : vendTrans.AccountNum, vendTrans.CurrencyCode, vendTrans.Dimension, vendTrans.DocumentDate);

this is the class that has extends to RunBaseBatch

class ProcessValidateVendInvoices extends RunBaseBatch


// Packed variables

TransDate transDate;

VendAccount vendAccount;

CurrencyCode currencyCode;

Dimension dimension;

AmountCur amount;

// Dialog fields

DialogField dlgVendAccount;

DialogField dlgTransDate;

DialogField dlgCurrencyCode;

DialogField dlgDimension;

DialogField dlgAmount;

// Global params

Args gArgs;











Thank you.