Batch Attribute Based Pricing For Purch and Sales

Hi all,

Recently I am curious about attribute base pricing on Ax.

I can manage my purch and sales price base batch attributes integer values with formula.

for example I have 2 batch number for XYZ item. the batches Id’s are 001 and 002.

if I have purch line 001 item purch price should be 10 $ and for 002 batch purch price should be 15 $.

I can use this functionality without development. but I reserch calculation method for design a new report or view.

Does anyone knows about potency calculation for both module?

which class or methods calculate adjustment sales and purch price?


can you explain in detail? Are you looking for a developer help in this case?

Hi davut_dal

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As per understanding to your question, if there’s a way to force calculation of module? and you’re asking which class or method should or need to update. If am I correct, I think you need developer to fix this issue.

\Data Dictionary\Tables\SalesLine\Methods\getSalesLinePotencyPricingDetails

Thanks Portia

Thanks Kaanthi.
is there any method for purchline? do you know?

It should be here, \Classes\PDSAdvancedPricing_PurchLine\updatePurchLineAmount

You can use cross references to find how a filed is updated/used.