Basic - Work center group setup

Dear All,
I have a question regarding on production area where previously our printer is located on 2nd floor previous month but starting on this month the printer which are using on 2nd floor will be shifted to 1st floor. So as the adjustment on printer placement from one to another floor but the error show when to do the deletion or created
if i want to delete one of the field inside work group center in the 1st floor, it show the error: The record may not be deleted.Transaction exist in table “operation relation” and if i want to created same field in 2nd floor using existing printer, the error show: Cannot create a record in Work Centers (WrkCtrTable). Work Center: DT128-1, Fuji Xerox Dt128-1. The record already exist.
Please advise me how to delete or inactive on 1st floor existing printer to create or active on 2nd floor using same printer.

Create the workcenter with different ID than what you have previously used

Work Center: DT128_1, instead of Work Center: DT128-1

It just means it is referenced in a routing, so you cannot delete it. Look at the routings to find where it is used, set this to the group, then delete the group member and recreate.