Basic Manufacturing, Production BOM, and Kitting oh my

I have been searching this topic for the last couple of days and have turned up more questions than answers. Our current version is NAV Version US 4.00 SP3 (5.0 SP1). We have Advanced Management with 5410 Basic Manufacturing - Production Orders and 5420 Production Bill of Materials in our license. My first question is where is the documentation showing a step by step of the demo database on how to process those? Also, is kitting only available where the database at least 5.0? Where is that documentation?

This is one of the scenarios we are trying to get is similar to the CONTOSO Conference System in the demo database, where on demand we can select items that go with the that kit and not show the components on the different documents. Some of the items that are part of the kit might not be in stock and would need to be ordered. Once all the items are in, we can print a separate document that would say pull these items together for this sales order, once done then the sales order can be shipped. Does that make sense?

Thanks for any help in finding information about this.

Documentation is available on CustomerSource for customers paying their enhancement plan. Your NAV administrator should be able to set you up with an account, or if you do not have an admin your NAV Partner / VAR can help.

Yes, Kitting is only available from 5.0 on.