Basic Journal Batch creation

Hi guys

I’m a little embarrassed to have to ask such a basic question but I’m having trouble with what I gather should be a very basic function of Navision. Several years ago the organization I work for switched the journal entry process from keying directly in the Navision module to creating all journals in an excel template and then uploading them.

I’ve no experience using the general journal screens in Navision but when I refer to our (very out of date) user manual I see there are three components to the journal entry process. The Journal template, journal batch, and journal line. The problem comes up when we try to create multiple journals within a single batch, please let me try to explain:

This is my process; General Ledger > General Journals > Batch name > (select a batch) > Start to create journal by keying the lines > Stop.

At this point, I would like to leave my journal entry (un-posted) and move to the next screen and create a second journal, and then a third etc. all within this batch so that a reviewer can post the whole batch. How do I do this?

There are several options on the bottom such as import from excel, post, etc. but what is bizarre is that unless I actually post my own entry I cannot key a second journal. This can’t be a true limitation of Navision, could it??? I wonder if some of the customization done to our Navision has created this problem, besides shouldn’t a batch contain several entries, can anyone help?? One other question, could any of you recommend a good commercially available book that provides training in the very basics of Navision, I need to really get a handle on this application in a short time while we decide if we want to keep it or just cut our losses and swith to something more accounting minded.


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I suggest let us create user wise batches and give access to every user of their batches and then write a program to collate all the un posted entries in one batch and post it.

strange…! the journal should allow the new lines to get appended at the end… regardless of either you post the previous ones or not…!

Are you gettign any error message…? or are you luking for and import for excel option to load your journals?

if so that needs to be customized…


strange…! the journal should allow the new lines to get appended at the end… regardless of either you post the previous ones or not…!

Are you gettign any error message…? or are you luking for an import for excel option to load your journals?

if so that needs to be customized…


Thanks Amol. We actually already have set up batches for each user. The issue is not being able to prepare more than one entry at a time, in other words Navision is compelling us to post each journal entry before moving on to the next journal (even within a batch).

Could one of you explain the step by step process for creating a batch, and then keying two simple general journals? Maybe I’m just not seeing something? I’d like to post a picture of the screen if possible just to show what our interface looks like so you can see that there is no option to move to a new journal…

Maybe another way to solve this is to just explain how to key one entry, leave it unposted and create a second entry? Would one of you be willing to do that for me?

Thanks again for your help.


Hi Anil

Something you mentioned caught my eye, you said that I should be able to append the lines at the end, that is fine I can continue to add lines, but I want to actually move on to a new screen to create a second journal. Are you saying that in Navision you can create several different journals on one entry screen?

I was expecting to create a journal, and then click an arrow button or something to move to a balnk screen to create a second journal.

But please could you also confirm that this is not a limitation of Navision?

Thanks again.


I can not completely understand your query… if you want to move to another journal batch u can just exit the current window and then open general journal again…

and you can choose the batch name on the top if you want to move on to another batch…!


Hi again Anil

Thanks for sticking with me on this query. Sorry I’m not being clearer. Please let me try to explain again. We want to allow users to create their own journal entries and then print a test report, attach the journal back-up to the test report and hand over to the controller who will review the journal and post the entry…

The reason we are having problems with this is because we cannot create more than one journal without doing a post.

When I open a batch this is what I do:

  1. Click on General Ledger > Click General Journals >

  2. From the Batch Name… (drop down) I select a journal template > I select a general template (the name is Adam) the description is (Adam’s journal’s) we have a general template for each user.

  3. Now my name “Adam” appears in the batch name above.

  4. Next I start to create my journal by tyoing in the information, posting date, document number, account number, description, amount, etc…

  5. Now I have created an in balance journal entry and I want to create a second entry what do I do now???

My options (below) are: Import from excel; Line; Account; Function; Posting; Help

I’ve gone through all of those and I cannot see a way to move to the next screen to create a second journal.


no create a second journal in the second line…!by pressing the down arrow button… is there any customization that u need to have one journal line in the batch…

if so then… i can’t help you…


Hi Anil

Okay so I think we almost got this figured out. I was a little surprised to see that Navision allows you to key several entries on on screen but I’ve tried it and I see that as the journal comes in to balance when i key the down arrow I’m getting a new journal number so that means I’m on to a new entry. Thanks for your help could we please mark this as resolved for now? I’ll come back to revisit the topic if we run in to trouble. again thanks for your help Anil & Amol.


Cool i am glad that your problem resolved for now… you can mark it resolved for now…

ofcourse you cna always come back if you face the issue again :slight_smile: