Basic Interview Questions

Hi Everybody,

Can you please help me in listing what are the basic interview questions asked in axapta ?

Technical (or) Functional (which module) ???

both technical and functional (finance and HRM) ?


If you have done any certification in Development Introduction of AX 4.0 or 5.0, you can clear off technical interview…

Some basic questions on layers… importing cus layer customization to bus, var layers

how to compare the changes made in the layers while importing, datatypes in AX, some debugging queries,

AOS clustering+ load balancing, installation of AX, configuring EP, creating number sequence, etc…

Functional side am not sure about it…

can you please send me the material for Development Introduction of AX 4.0 or 5.0

Technical questions could be:

By Module (Basic classes in modules, for example ProdUpd in production module, other classes in Inventory module InventMovement and so on)

Questions about the different frameworks in DAX for example, RunBaseBatch, AIF, Number sequences and so on, you can find this info in the book Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

Application questions:

Regarding functionality in DAX, for example in production module could be Costing in production orders, master planning parameters for example time fences (Firming, Period, Coverage).

Thank you harish for that link

Technical, Can u please prove me microsoft dynamics axapta5.0 technical nterview questions