Base Unit of Measurement.

Currently i have a situation

I have a item with multiple BOM,

kg,litres and drum

But the item tracking code is set to be serial no. based on drums

Someone mention putting the smallest figure for the unit of measurement when i browse through the forum.

If i put the smallest figure, there will be problem with the item tracking.
if i put the drums as base UOM. the inventory of the item will have decimal place.
The sales price of the item maybe base on different UOM for different customer.
Is there any good suggestion for the current situation?

First, if using serialnumbers, your Base Unit of Measure has to be the one containing serialbumbers (your case: drums).
It is irrelevant to handle a serialnumber-item in lessquantities that the Base UOM.

Second: it is possible to setup prices pr. item pr. customer pr. Unit Of Measure - e.g. Customer Card → Sales → Prices.

“…smallest figure for the unit of measurement…” - well, that is not my way; I usually use the UOM that makes is easy to me to handle in the stock - e.g. when doing a stocktaking (physical inventory).