Base Unit of Measure in item card

Hi All,

Purchase the particular item in BOX and Sale in MTR

1 BOX = 305 MTR.

How to do this in Navision 2009 Sp1, so that get actual cost and actul inventory in MTR.

and some time Purchase in BOX and Sale in BOX the same item


You ann define Purch. Unit of Measure and Sales Unit of Measure in Item Card

I have define the Purch. Unit of Measure : BOX

and Sales Unit of Measure : MTR

and then i purchase the item 1 BOX and when iam going to sale that particular item its shows me message(suppose i sale 200MTR than its shows -199, total inventoy required )

Check What is in Unit of Measure Code field of Sales Line

The Unit of Measure Code in Sales Line is MTR.

and item unit of measure define like below

Code Qty. per Unit of Measure
MTR 305



You should Set Box 305

MTR as 1

Thanks mohan ,

now its working f9