Base Enums requirement!!!!

I have to base enums in one grid
Enums are Classification (Earning, Deduction, Accrual, Loan Payment, Loan Deduction, Fund Deduction, Claims, Others),
Category (Payable Accountable, Deductible Accountable, Non Payable Accountable, Non Payable Non Accountable)
Like that
My requirement is
Category of type ‘Non Payable Non Accountable’ must be allowed to be selected only for Classification of type ‘Others’
Category of type ‘Non payable Accountable’ must be allowed to be selected only for classification of type ‘Others’ and ‘Accrual’.

You can override the validate() method of the field in form data source or ValidateField() method at table level depending on the necessity and write your code there to validate the same…(write some if conditions and return the error if the conditions are not satisfied)

you can make the category enum disabled and enable it right after a value in classification is chosen. and then when the user selects a value in category, validate the selection against the selection in classification use a case statement.