Barcodes on list?

In Navision, we have a field for the EAN code, in this field may only enter 4-5 characters.
When I want to get a report on all our EAN number, or a customer asks for a EAN code on a articel, I can not get the whole code (EAN13), only 4 digits,

How do you make the easiest to get the whole number? We have a labeling program that encodes the Court 4 digits of the label to make it 13 digits, but if you want to see it directly in Navision how do you do?

Thx / Emil

Hi Emil,

I do not know the rules in Sweden, but usually, there are EAN in the range of numbers between 2000000000000 and 2999999999999 that can be used for your own Barcodes. If you have 4 or 5 numbers for the item, that suggests, that you also might put some price or weight information in your Barcodes, when labeling.

So when printing a item number (say 12345) with your labeling program, you get a barcode like 2x12345pppppc


x is a number between 0 and 9 (you will probably find more information what number you can use in Sweden here:

ppppp is the price of the item - might be 0, if you don’t use any price or weight encoding.

c is the check digit

What you will have to do, to print this in Navision is to calculate the Check-digit (if you also want to print the scanable Bar-Code, you need a special font for that).

Maybe if you can shed some light on what your Bar-Codes look like, with your labeling program, we can help you better.

Hi Daniel and thank you for taking time to answer!

The barcodes that we have today in Navision on each article briefly looks as follows. example, 5426.5254, and when we get them from a label programs as they are made of a full barcode (7311701510809) and this is the code i want to get directly in Navision, because now I had to borrow the label program, I would like to get a raport on all EAN code directly into Navision, such as when a customer asks what ean numbers we have on a particular product, I can only give him 4 digits. how do I get the whole number to give him;

In that case, it is something special program I need to use together with the NAV?

Hi Emil,

hmm, now I guess, I got the wrong impression of your labeling process. 73 at the beginning of a barcode is the country code of Sweden, so it looks like you are using official Bar-Codes, not In-House ones (in the 20 - 29 range). So somewhere in your labeling program, there probably is a link between your Item number (or what you call the Navision Bar Code) and the real Barcode. If you do not have that link in Navision, then you will not be able to print the real barcodes in a list from Navision.

You can now enter all the real Barcodes into Navision (two Options, either use “Item Cross References” or “Item Identifiers”. Or, if you can access the data from your labeling program, you might also create a linked table. But for that, I guess you need the help of your Solution Center.