Barcodes in Dynamics NAV

Hi all.

I have a request for barcode printing of item numbers in Dynamics NAV/Navision. (version 5).

As I understand there are two options, depending on the hardware.

  1. Printing using a barcode font.

  2. Printíng using a generic text driver, using escape sequences.

In my former work in AX and XAL I am used to doind the latter and I prefer option 2.
But I cant figure out how/where to enter the escape sequences in the Dynamics NAV report.

Any recommendations on the subject?




I guess it doesn’t get any simpler than that! :slight_smile:

No special fonts… no escape sequenses.

as i wrote here:

i use even an older version barcode creator:

Look at report 10137.

Also you will need the bar code font installed on every computer that is going to print the bar codes.

The link he refers to requires no external components or additional fonts.