Barcode Zoom

Has anyone used barcode. I have print barcode on a report but on runtime i want to zoom it too 200%.I am storing the barcode(downloaded from mibuso) into a picture box. Plz Help.

Use a text box instead and change the fonts to your barcode fonts. You can resize the text box easily

Hi satbir, Thanks for ur reply. My requirement is to print the barcode(Image + numbers) from navibar in the report section. i am storing the image into the Itemrec.Picture field and showing it in picture box during runtime. But i want to fix the pixel height and width 120 x 60 but want to zoom to 200% during runtime i mean percentwise increase. The image is bmp and it shows the image contains the barcode( vertical lines) and number in it. and in text box as u said i can print only numbers. what about the image ? Else say how i can Zoom a bmp image before putting it into report during runtime

If you have a textbox with a barcode font assigned to it, the value (number) you enter is displayed as a barcode. Add an extra textbox with a “normal” font with the same value to print the number in a readable format.