Barcode setup

Hello, can anyone point me in the right direction for setting up Ax to print Bc-labels ? We have (in our AX) a form for setting up barcodes, but when I do this, and select Code 128 a strange font appears. If I click the brows font button, nothing appears. Is this a locally developed form or is a part of Ax as standard. the labels I want to print is locationlabel. Any comments are welcome, I`m not that experienced…:slight_smile: Arne K

Hi Arne, There is a help document along with code example available in Technet website. Feel that document might help you in setting up BC labels. If you can’t find it, do please let me know. I will email it to you. Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

Hello Harish, Can you send this help doc to me? Thank you. Gem

Hi Gem, It is done ! Regards, Harish Mohanbabu