Barcode Scanning into Table

I’m trying to automate a tablebox so that it can be populated by the use of a barcode scanner. In this case it is the Item Tracking Lines screen (Ver 3.7). I need to be able to scan the serial number as a barcode. I have achieved this and got the system to auto populate the quantity of 1. This is great but what I now want to do is position the cursor on the next blank line ready to scan the next serial number in so no keyboard stokes are necessary, but not create a blank/new record in case all entries have been made. Any suggestions appreciated.

Hi In the tablebox, find the ID of the Textbox used for Serial No. and type in the same number in the property NextControl. This will position the cursor in the same field, but on the next line.

If i’m not mistaken if you do what Claus mentioned AND IF your Serial No. Are all the same length then you could use the MAXLENGTH property also to auto move to the next line. ex./ if your serial no’s are all 10 digits and you set MAXLENGTH=10 then it will move to the next field.

Most scanners can also be programmed to automatically send a carrige return so You go to the next field without using MAXLENGTH.