Barcode scanner not reading details automatically

Hi Guys,

I am using a handheld bar code scanner in AX 2009 to read bar codes generated based on the serial numbers. its being used mainly in Picking list journals. The issue is that while scanning data is not reading the details auntomatically until I press an Enter Key.

what should I do to fetch the data immediately after scanning the bar code then moves to next line same field called bar code for the next scan.

Help please, Thanks in advance.


Hi AlexManjaly,

Looks I did that already on my client before 4years ago, what I did is create new form that has 1 string field upper pane and grid in the lower pane where my string field property Autodeclaration=yes to able control it. I used that field for my scanning.
You can create your own form like I did or in the existing form just create a field in the upper where you able to scanned then put this code on the form method.

public int task(int _taskId)
int ret;

ret = super(_taskId);// task Id will get keys ID value

if(_taskId == 288)
//put your code here where every time you scan the record will insert to your table.
//Don’t forget to refresh your form every scan.

scanTxt.text(""); // this field is your scan field.

return ret;

Hope this will help to you,