Barcode Label Printers/Software Compatibilty

Does anyone have experience integrating the Datamax 4208 or the Zebra Z4M UPC Barcode Printers with Attain? We have used the Datamax 4208 and had limited success from a speed standpoint, but that was due to some customized label software, not the printer. I am looking for success or horror stories on either printer so I can make a purchase recommendation. Thanks!

“Happy New Year” MBSUG [:D] Hi Russ! We use Zebra 105SE and 105SL for printing many different labels from NAVISION, including barcodes (EAN13, Interleaved 2 of 5). We have very good experiences with these printers, if properly configured they are quick and relyable (e.g. we are printing about 2000 price-labels every day since half a year without any problem on one printer!). As I mentioned: “if properly configured”. This means, not to use the standard drivers from Zebra but the drivers from “Seagull Scientific”, which provide much better performance. I recommend to ask the the “printer-sales-man” for assistence, he should know which configuration is the best for a certain job (speed, temerature, etc.). At the moment we have some (little?) performance-trouble with our new PrintServer, which is now on Windows 2000 computer: sometimes there is a long break within a print-job or between jobs. I’m sure these problems are caused by the PrintServer, because on our old System (Windows NT) that NEVER happened (our Tech-Department is working on this). I hope this could help you a little! Best regards, Jörg