BarCode Implementation in Navision

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Please help me regarding BarCode Scanning in Navision. I need help from A to B.

A would be “define the requirement”

In general (very general) bar codes are nothing more than data being represented in a special kind of font. To print barcodes in their most simple form, you can download and install and example barcode font (google those), type some text in a Word document, and change the font of the text to the barcode font. What gets printed should look just like a barcode. That’s the easiest part of the whole process. The harder parts involve which barcode font to use (your planned use of the barcode may dictate which font to use - there are many conditions that affect this selection, and there are many, many different barcode fonts). Then you’ll need to decide what parts of your Navision data need to be printed in barcode and make changes to Navision to cause that to happen. You’ll spend far more time than you’ve ever imagined on this step, and the next one - selecting the size and shape of the paper or label that the barcode will be printed on. Then there’s the bit about attaching the label to the object the label represents. You may need a special printer to accommodate. That’s the output part. The input part involves scanning the barcodes into your data entry screen. This involves scanning equipment, probably custom data entry forms, etc.

This is just a very general, brief, high-level overview of what’s involved in implementing barcodes in Navision. As David said, before we can offer any more detail than that, we need to know what you’re planning to do.

Remember, in it’s purest form, scanning barcodes is no different than typing the same data on the keyboard. There are lots of advantages to be had (speed and accuracy are generally at the top of the list), but there are also lots of headaches too (the cost of setup and maintenance, training, support). You’ll need to decide whether it’s worth it. Give us some details and we can talk.

Thank you for your reply! My Requirement is whenever somebody scan the item on the Bar Code it should put the Number on the Sales Line.How can i do this?

Download the bar code font from internet and install that in your system, place a text box in your report and select change the font property of the text box to newly added bar code font. before download please make sure your machine will read which font.

Can you send me the link please for those fonts

Thank you for your reply! My Requirement is whenever somebody scan the item on the Bar Code it should put the Number on the Sales Line.How can i do this?

…just attach a bar code scanner to your PC and SCAN! That’s it.As already said above, you can treat barcode scanner as alternative to keyboard, older models (before USB) even were attached parallel to keybord.

How we do it (bypassing the whole barcode scanner setup → )

When we enter a barcode into the item card field Item UPC/EAN Number - I have it automatically adding it to the Cross-Reference Table.
Cross-Reference No. = The UPC Code
Cross-Refeence Type = BARCODE
Item No. = Item No.
Then on the sales line (you can add if not visible) the Cross-Reference Field. - Now scan your barcode into this field and it will populate if a match exists.

2nd way. on the item table if you change the AltSearchField property of the No. field to Item UPC/EAN Number then you can also scan the upc into the No. field.

Fyi the cross-reference table works better because it you have more than 1 item with the same upc - if you scan it into the No. field it picks the first one it finds. If you scan it into the cross-reference field a window appears showing you the choices and you can select one of them.

*Item UPC/EAN Number is the name of the field we have to store the info - your field name may vary.

Thank you all for your help, it was great effort i must say.Thank you again

Thank U

My barcodes and Item numbers are different. Can somebody tell me how configure this on POS client.


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