Barcode for Item number and serial number (AX 2012)

Hi All,

I have one scenario to use barcode for identifying item number and serial number in the sales transaction. So I would like to create a barcode with the combination of item number and serial number.


Item ID Serial numbers

10001 SR00001, SR00002, SR00003 & SR00004

Here my requirement is to sell the item SR00003 by barcode identification. And the item id and serial numbers need to be updated in the SO line by scanning the combined barcode. Can we configure this in AX?

Is there any satandard funcationality available in AX 2012 to achieve this. Pls. post your comments. Thanks in advance.




–Create 2D barcode using Microsoft office word font

– i.e., select a barcode font, Type item number and serial number, now in word you will see a barcode,

– Stick this barcode on your item

– Place the cursor on SO line, scan the item, your item number will appear on SO line

No integration whatsoever…[;)] [:D]



I think it will be much better if there is a barcode generator for Excel. Because if you are going to generate barcode images on large scale, your recommened method seems not so well.

display str 30 barcodeRefNum()


Barcode barcode;


barcode = Barcode::construct(BarcodeType::Code128);

barcode.string(true, datasourcename.fieldname);


return barcode.barcodeStr();


Use this code in the section of the report where you want to have the barcode

Change the font of the barcode control to that of the required barcode font.