Barcode conversion

Hi i have to create a barcode label report and there i have to print barcode for the serialnumbers picked from the inventory. For this i have to convert the inventserialid value to barcode. Can anyone tell me how to achieve this?

see the report Inventory > reports > Labels > Serial Number labels…

that report is not printing the barcode. I am getting the following info msg

“Report is empty, Item label - Report”

i have tried changing the different barcode fonts and sizes.

For opening a report - you should have data …

Check this report in Standard demo company data…

hello i tried this in standard demo data only.

Hi Praveen,

As the previous poster advised, please check data in ‘InventSerial’ table. In your case, it looks this table is empty.

Also in standard demo data two sets of data are available - one just with master (no transactions) and the other one with transactional data. Chances are perhaps you loaded earlier one.


thanks harish. actually i was getting the inventserial values in the lookup. i have done some changes in the barcode setup form. it is working fine now. i have one more doubt how to pass the invent serialid values from inventdim table.?

what do you mean by

how to pass the invent serialid values from inventdim table

I have duplicated RFIDInventserialLabels report. In the send method of duplicated report i am passing inventserialid field from the inventserial table instead of tagid.

sameway i would like to pass the inventserialid field from the inventdim table. how to achieve this?

Look at report 10137 - Inventory Labels. It shows how it works. You need special characters before the field.

To make it work you also need a bar code program installed on each workstation.