Barcode 2/5 interleaved

DPD is using Barcode Version 2/5 interleaved. Is it possible to print this format from NAVISION? What will be the correct TTF?

i think, it should be possible to print the barcode. we print barcode 39 in navision. look at

There are many different kinds of barcodes. Code39 ist the most simple one as it is availabel as Truetype font and no checksum is used. Code 128 (the most commonly used worldwide) is a different story: As this code has a checksum character attached, there are no TTF’s available. Usually the barcode-printer itselfes provides the intelligence to calculate the checksum but this requires that the barcode (without checksum) is being sent to the printer in a native form. In other words: Programming the output of barcodes requires to send Escape-sequences or script-commands to the printer which can be achieved in Navision only, if the “Universal Text Only” printerdriver is used. As I have implemented already several Barcode-printers in my Navision-life, I can give the following advise: Prior to purchasing a printer, make sure that the printer is able to print the barcode you need (there are more barcode formats used than you imagine!). Second: Make sure that the printer-driver which supports the barcode you want is included if you buy the printer!!! In many cases you would have to pay an additional +/- $500 for the printer-driver. As a rule of thumb: It should be possible to creade a Word-Document with the barcode needed and print it. Marcus Marcus Fabian phone: +41 79 4397872