Bar Code

Hi all,

I have one issue in Report,

In my report, i want to display the Barcode, The bar code is represent the ItemId, ProdID, and ItemName,

Here i used Code128, i got error like this “String is too long”,

In seperatly i got the output like ItemId, ProdId but ItemName is not geting and i am getting the same error.

Here i used code39, I got output but i am not able to read the barcode.

my requirement is only one bar code and it shows the Itemid, prodid and itemName.

How can i do this, Pls any one can help me.

Thanks in advance.




We had a similar problem, we also use code128 and there was a limitation of 28 char, You seem to have the same problem, how long is the string you use for your barcode?