Bar Code

Hello All

Can any one tell me about Bar code.

How it will work and is any PDF regarding

that in Navision or any topic whom i can

know more about BAR CODE…

Please if any PDF for that kindly provide the link…

or customization techniques.


For barcoding there are bar code fonts available, we have to buy one and install. On Navision report we can use those fonts and print barcode. To read barcode, when the bar code scanner is connected to the machine, system can can read it just like any other input device ie. keyboard.


Hello Dear

Actually i wanted to create the Bar code for my item

and i don’t know how it will???

so please if u hv any PDF regarding that send me…

Thanks for replying



You should not need any PDF or document for this. This is pretty simple. You need to do following:

  1. Download a bar code font (or if not free then buy and install). You may try following link:

  1. Then create your report as normal and for the field for which you want to print BarCode, change its font (Shift+F4, and then font ) to your barcode font.

Hope this helps

Hello Dear

Actually i try the method that u tell but still it can’t work

can u please clarify for me.


I had the same problem and this is how i fixed it.

I use a code 39 barcode (free idautomation) which muxt have a * leading and trailing charachter. Code 39 is recognized by every scanner. So I create a variable:

SOBarcode := ‘’ + “Sales Header”.“No.” + '’;

If you use a EANUCC these barcodes must be encoded before printed.

I think this varies from scanner to scanner. Recently I know someone, for whose scanner ` was the leading character and ~ was trailing character. But the idea of printing barcode remains same as mentioned in my previous post. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Another Option is an outside program or you can do it thru c/al code.

See Here:

If you scroll down to the related downloads you’ll see other options for different types of barcodes.
Code 3of9
Code 128
Code 128B
Etc…& The barcode generator does 24 different types.