Bar Code

We would need to set a barcode management for a customer. Did anyone experienced it ? Is it tough to set it up ? Any tips welcomed. Thanks in advance.

What do you mean with a managment ??? If its only printing barcodes you can simply use some dedicated fonts which will translate your string in a barcode on a report ! (you ll find plenty of such fonts on the net) If its also scanning you can use a specific device to scan you barcodes, it will be like typing a text in a field Greetings Kurt Juvyns Navi Freak

Your answer involves exactly what we need : scan and print bar codes. I have been seeking fonts on the net : do we need to buy the font or is there a place we can find them for free ? We are not that greedy, but we are on a rush and I would need to make tests quickly… Thanks for your answer.

Try this address Michal

With Bar Coding there is a new Add-on that has been released by Navision called Advanced Distribution. This add on has a granule with in it called RF=Radio Frequency. This enables customers to do Bar Code scanning with hand held devices. But I am interested to know if there is a barcode device on its own to just add on to Navision without purchasing Advanced Distribution. Taner

We have developped an interface for Symbol scanner-terminals. It’s no add-on jet. The advantage is that the logic of the scan-proces can be made in C/AL.

I have got one radio frequency scanner on my desk. It is WelchAllyn type 3470LR. It consists of two parts - small box with antena, connected between PC and keyboard and handheld cordless scanner. This works with Financials very well - without Distribution module. Actually it just sends keystrokes to computer. You can define, what character will be sent before scanned code and what will be sent after that (for example CR).

Ok, this would probably be a nice topic in the NF - Adv. Distr. og NF - Integration forums. I would love to hear if you have any knowledge of a site where they are actually using the R/F barcoding within NF AD with the Teklogix scanners. Best regards, Soren Nielsen, moderator Navision Online User Group