Bar code process

Hi all! some advices ared needed: Warehouse management, Item tracking ( Lot numbers)are used. I have a client who want todo this: 1. Scan all Raw mat when receiving goods from the warehouse. This will update the stock. Receiving is done by pallet ( each pallet can contain different pcs)but the PO is crated with Pcs UOM. 2. For production picking, all Raw mat need to be picked and scan for each specific Production order—> This will deduct inventory from the stock. 3. For production update ( output), the qty is per case and each case must be scanned. 2 labels will be created : one for case and one for pallet ( for shipping purposes). 3. Shipping is done by pallet also and each pallet has several qty per case produced. Someone has a clue or idea to manage that??? Thanks

Hi Tatiana modification, modification, modification!!! How did you get on with this one?