Bar Code implimentation: Qn!

Hi all. Has anyone out there implimented Bar Code System in Navision Attain. I am interested in either knowing about your experience and thus the estiamted time as well as resources I need. I have seen soemthing developed by someone on (cool stuff) but am looking at the standard Navision Attain. I appreciate all help. Robert

[:)] Hi Robert! We are using some Barcodes within NAVISION (NF DE2.60.D):

  • EAN13: We generate own EAN/UPC Numbers (ILN & CheckDigit) and print them on price-labels. Therefore we are encoding the 13 Numbers of EAN/UPC into a Text-String, which is printed via an EAN-TrueTypeFont
  • Interleaved 2 of 5: We encode Customer-No., Packinglist-No., etc. in I2o5 Barcode (Number & CheckDigit), therefore we also encrypt the Number in a String, which is printed via an Interleaved2of5 TrueTypeFont.
    So, in NAVISION we have a Codeunit which is generating the Numbers and encrypting them into a TextString which could be printed with a TrueTypeFont. These Fonts were downloaded from “Chaos Microsystems” for a charge of 10 USD for each font, which is much cheaper than other “comercial” Fonts. Of course, we are also scanning these Barcodes for many purposes … If you could tell us more detailed, what you are planning to implement, maybe I could give further information … Best Regards, Jörg

I’ve always been an advocate of using one of the several reliable, flexible third party bar code label packages. By using one of these, you have a lot more support for different bar code symbologies, types of printers, and have a graphical label designer as well. It may cost a little more in purchase dollars, but a lot less in development time and debugging.