Bar-code data transaction in Microsoft Dynamics Nav

Hi All!

I have to read the Bar code’s data ( from a product ) using the Mobile phone and then send it to the MS Nav Server. Which is the best way to do it?

whether using IIS in between mobile devices and Nav server a good idea? or Is there any other better solution…?

Is two way communication is also possible in it…?

Thanks in advance…

What do you need to do with barcode read? Fill a sale/purchase document?

A possibilty is expose the related NAV page as web service and use native methods to insert records or update data.

Hi Daniele,

Thanks for your idea.

Yes, I need to send Sales, Purchase and other info similar to that and receive the response that it has been updated in the server.

The Mobile needs to do this process repeatedly for hours. Will it be able to store large data(documents) without affecting the performance.