Bank Transfer from USD to different Currencies in AX 2012

Hi to everyone,

How to transfer amount from one bank to other, which are having different currencies in AX 2012 .Is it possible?? If possible how to use the flexible exchange rates in those transactions??

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Hi Alonso,

Use triangulate currency.



Hi Mohammed,

Thanks for the reply.

Can Please brief a little, abt this Triangulation of currency?? After checking this in currency form, can I perform what I was about to do??



Couple of useful links for understanding triangulation currency concept.

I was wondering why the triangulation currency comes in?

why can’t we use the standard journals to transfer the amount from Bank1 to Bank2 and change the exchange rate during the transactions?

@Alonso, have you tried using the General journals by specifying Account - Bank1 and Offset account as Bank2?

On the bank master, put check mark on more currencies. This will enable you to post transactions in any foreign currency.

Use general journal to post the transfer. System will by default take the exchange rate as per setup which can be overwritten at the journal level which will override existing exchange rate.


Thanks for the reply everyone,

I tried as Santosh said, and I also tried as Pranav said, I think its working guys, If any doubt arises means I’ll post here again,

Thank u…