Bank to Bank Transfer

In NAV 2013 when i am trying to transfer the currency i.e. one is AUD (Australian Dollar) to USD. I am facing one error i.e.

"Currency Code must be equal to ''AUD" in bank account No. ***** . Current value is USD."

Bank to Bank transfer is not possible if they have different currency.

Hi this is possible.

In the General Journal enter the two lines. One for Debit Bank and another for credit Bank.

Performing Bank Transfer, you must not use Balance Account, put them into separate lines and do take note on the exchange gain/loss.

One typical way of accounting is:

Debit AUD

Credit Contra A/C

Credit USD

Debit Contra A/C

Hi Chetan,

Use Contra voucher for the sameā€¦It is available in India version.

Hi Chetan,

If Currency code of both bank accounts are different, then transaction should be created in multi lines within a journal. Also, consider a gain/loss account to keep the transaction balanced.