Bank statement upload in AX 2009, Journal Name,

Hi Friends

I have couple of Queries

Can we upload bank statement while doing bank reconciliation which automatically match with bank transaction?

2nd anyone know in jounral name under GL>Setup>Journal>Journal Name. There is a Statistical transaction in “Journal type” list. where this journal is used?



  1. For bank statement upload and match it automatically u need to customize.

  2. Never used this journal ,will try to see the use and come back. Even I wanna know.[:D] Anybody knows this journal ?

Thanks Kapil

taken note of it. If I come to know first I will tell. I have checked in all module journal. This type of journal does not appear.


I have seen this journal type first time - by reading this post

Even I have searched for the code related to this Journal Type - but unable to find it out…(I will try to know about this)

I guess this may be some thing related PAYROLL…not sure