Please would would somebody help me? I am new to Navision and am using Gb Dynamics Navision 2009 R2 I am trying to:

  1. Post the Bank Statment in “Bank Account Reconciliations” to get the bank to agree and then to post the journal

  2. I don’t know about all of the (purchase) invoices as of yet and I do not want to duplicate with copies I have so I am working from the bank statment.

  3. As for the receipts I do not know all of the customers but may simply post to AR, which is possible, and then re-assign. However the Compnay is no longer trading and there is no contact with customers anymore. I just have some small amounts of cheques that have come through.

Please would somebody tell me how to do the bank rec, post the journal and clear open items? I can’t seem to apply any open items whether I look in Vendors, Bank, or Bank Reconciliation. How do I “close” items that are listed as open when I know the payment has been made to the supplier?

Thank you

In Navision Bank Rec is simple, just remove those transactions that are not cleared.

What you meant by “to get the bank to agree and then to post the journal”,

**** You do Bank Rec when you receive a statement from your bank.