Bank Reconciliation

Help, help … I am a new user of Navision Attain 3.10A and have difficulty with how Navision reconcile bank statement. Our bank statement only shows total deposit including cash, check, credit card transactions. In Navision, it shows detail of each deposit. 1.What I would like to have is just a summary line and a drill down button to show details. Is it possible to have? or is there an add on granule out there. I had tried to explain to our NS but seem they dont have solution. 2.Just curious, how do big companies reconcile their bank if they have hundreds of transaction a day. Very appreciated for any solution to this problem.

There is no standard way to acheive exactly what you need. Only suggestion using standard software is not to off-set the cash receipt journal to the bank, but to enter all of your receipt lines (credit customer) and then enter one offset at the bottom of the journal (debit bank). This won’t give you a drill down as such but all the lines will have the same voucher number so you can navigate them together etc.

Navision’s bank reconciliation has never been one of their stronger features. Navision US has re-written this functionality for 3.60. I would recommend looking at the new functionality to see if it is worth an upgrade. I don’t think it will do exactly what you want, but it would definately make the process easier and you might be able to live with it with no custom. If you do find it usefull, then you are looking at an upgrade :expressionless: As you said, your NSC can always write a modification, but it is always better to use Navision’s functionality where possible.

Hi Hwin, We do have a module to automatically make bank reconciliation. Send me a contact address and i will send you a product sheet to see how it works. Best regards, Susana Palomar